Garmin online fit repair tool

Welcome to Garmin online fit repair tool.

On 1 of june I will climb the Alpe d'huzes 6 times. Please like our page or make a donation.
Alpe d'HuZes is a Dutch fundraising event for research into cancer in which one of the main mountains in the Tour de France, the Alpe d'Huez, is a maximum of 6 times in succession under the motto "Never, ever quit!". The name, Alpe d'HuZes, is a combination of the Dutch word for "six" and the name of the Alpe d'Huez mountain.
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Garmin .fit file  If you have problems with the auto fix, send me a mail. I cannot respond to every mail but I will take action if the site has been broken. This site is used over the 100.000 times to repair fit files.



examples: Edit with notepad

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You can manualy edit the txt file and upload this file below to convert this back to .fit file. With manual edit you can correct

  • Remove data record to correct starttime / endtime
  • Remove data corruption
  • For advanced users: Change all values

Garmin .csv file
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Repair features
  • Removes empty lap records
  • mark corrupt records as suspected
    • distance change > 10km
    • speedchange>20m/s
    • postionchange>10km
    • powerchange>2000w
    • altitude change>100m
    • timestamp not between file creation and now
  • Auto split fit file (activity gap> 4 hours)
  • Add Header information if missing from competable products and firmware version
  • Add Lap information if missing
  • Add Session information if missing
  • Add Activity information if missing
  • Recalculate lap and session information
    • speed
    • cadence
    • power
    • heart_rate
    • Calories (Based on power used)
    • Distance (Based on speed>0)
    • Travel Time (Bases on speed>0)

  • 20120708 - more rubust scanning to fix errors at the beginning of a file
  • 20120708 - Repair swimming activity files
  • 20120709 - repair auto lap,session, activity
  • 20120710 - fix for ANTFS files
  • 20120710 - show suspect records instead of error
  • 20120710 - more restrict validation: timestamp between file creation and now
  • 20120711 - validation fix: timestamp between file creation- 60sec and now
  • 20120712 - Read and course files
  • 20120715 - Improving to read corrupt files
  • 20120716 - fix default product config file
  • 20120717 - fix for corrupt swimming length records
  • 20120718 - fix for ANTS files.
  • 20120718 - Remove auto lap , session values.
  • 20120721 - Fix with auto add lap,session and activity information.
  • 20120722 - Fix less restricted for course files.